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Patient Support

Patient Support

If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we are here to help.

Educational Awareness

Get a better understanding of living with pancreatic cancer.

Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance to those that have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer


Our Mission

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (NPCF) is a nonprofit organization that provides unwavering support to people touched by pancreatic cancer. We believe that awareness, education, research, and direct financial assistance help provide earlier diagnosis, patient security, and increased survival rates. It is our mission to provide support so that pancreatic cancer patients can focus on their treatment and their families.

Our Survivors

NPCF reached out to Christina Parrish, a 15 year Pancreatic Cancer survivor and founder of the Purple Iris Foundation, and asked to share her story.

“One day during my workout, I was stretching out on a Pilates ball and I noticed a bump protruding under my left rib cage. I knew something was not right. I had also been very tired, having a hard time eating, extreme back pain under my shoulder blades. I just hurt all over and felt like I was dying! I also had lost 60 lbs…and was a skeleton!

I went to my primary care doctor and had a CT scan and ultrasound performed. Four days later, the physician assistant told me that I had a mass in my pancreas and lesions on my liver. Holding back tears, I asked if they could take them out. But she said they couldn’t. The physician assistant mentioned that I should see an oncologist, and that was the first indication that she was talking about cancer.

Battle the Fight, Find the Cure & Support



We help people learn about pancreatic cancer, warning signs, testing, self-care, and treatment options. There are risk factors you can affect.



We provide financial assistance to pancreatic cancer patients in need of living expense help or a one-time unforeseen emergency.

How To Help

How to Help

Our chapters, volunteers, and founder provide community awareness, support, and fundraising for our assistance programs.

Do you know someone in need of assistance?

Do You Know Someone
Affected by Pancreatic Cancer?

Would YOU help us take a stand against pancreatic cancer?

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is funded by donations only. Your donations enable us to provide unwavering support to those in need. Pancreatic cancer is a silent killer and many do not survive much past diagnosis. Testing and medical treatment is extremely expensive even with insurance. We want to provide support for both patients and their families.

Pancreatic Cancer Tests & Diagnostics

Learn more about pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Learn more about pancreatic cancer

What is Pancreatic

Learn more about pancreatic cancer

Meet Our Warriors

We Fight together against
Pancreatic Cancer

Nominate A Warrior

Share your story or nominate someone that pancreatic cancer has touched as a tribute. We want to honor you our your loved one as one of Our Warriors.

Sharing stories about how pancreatic cancer affects people’s lives is powerful! Your stories help us to spread awareness about what patients and families go through.

Getting a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is difficult. Spreading awareness about the needs of patients and the need for better testing is so important.

Nominate Warrior

Providing Unwavering Support
for Pancreatic Cancer Patients
Since 2009.

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