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Our Partners

NPCF Partners with organizations that share the common values of promoting awareness and education to provide unwavering support to people affected by pancreatic cancer.


As part of our commitment to building strong communities for those affected by pancreatic cancer, NPCF is pleased to announce our partnership with FreeWill: a free online tool that helps you care for the people and causes that matter most to you. Within 20 minutes, you can create a legally-valid will as well as other essential estate planning documents. You can also update your estate plan as a compassionate act to protect your loved ones and even have a positive impact on causes you care about. Get started today to create hope, give yourself peace of mind and create a lasting legacy for a loved one. Name NPCF through your will to continue pancreatic cancer research or help families in need.

Tree of Life Seeds

Tree of Life Seeds is rooted in the idea that our customers deserve better options, deeper transparency, and reliable consistency. At Tree of Life Seeds, we understand that the power of CBD can be harnessed in many ways. That’s why we create a wide range of high-quality CBD products to fit every lifestyle. Our USA-made CBD products are 100% THC free and undergo rigorous in-house and third-party lab testing ensuring that people in every state, from professional athletes to bus drivers and teachers, have the option for a better life.

Our partnership with the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (NPCF) began with the NPCF’s desire to find high quality, THC free, hemp-based CBD products to recommend to their patients. CBD has the potential to relieve the symptoms of pain, nausea, and appetite loss for people who have pancreatic cancer. The desire to find quality CBD products led the NPCF to Tree of Life Seeds. We decided we wanted to partner with the NPCF to support the organization’s mission of helping pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

Visit Tree of Life Seeds website and use the code “NPCF” for free shipping and to have portion of the proceeds donated in support to NPCF.

Forever Present

We are a family-operated business that cares about providing this important, one-of-a-kind posthumous delivery service to bring your loved ones personal gifts and messages after you pass. This business was born out of the tradition of buying flowers for our daughter for her birthday each year. Should we pass, we would like that tradition to continue. Our service allows you to plan ahead, and help you carry on your legacy through gifts and messages to those you care about, even after you are physically gone. Whether it is flowers to be delivered on your child’s sixteenth birthday, or a message to your partner on your anniversary, we will work tirelessly to help you provide that meaningful moment as you envision it.

Use code “NPCF” in the coupon box when making an order and you will receive 10% off the entire order, plus NPCF will receive a donation of 5%.

Dayspring Pens

Dayspring Pens is proud to partner with the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation through a donation of 40 engraved pens. It is an honor to be able to donate to an organization that works so diligently to help those affected by Pancreatic Cancer.

For 14 years, The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has provided unwavering support to patients affected by pancreatic cancer. The work they have done during those 14 years is crucial in improving the length and quality of life for people impacted by this devastating disease. Through their volunteers, they offer opportunities to care for individuals affected by pancreatic cancer and assist family members in finding support and a sense of community as they join the fight.

Located in Virginia Beach, Dayspring Pens specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind luxury gift pens that are made unique with custom engraving. Each of the donated engraved pens features the logo of the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. It is our great wish that these pens will contribute to the incredible work of this charity, helping all families affected by this disease and improving the lives of those facing it with the highest quality