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National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Become a Brand Ambassador

Do you want to help spread awareness?

If you want to help the NPCF spread awareness, there are many simple ways you can have an impact.

  • Reach out to businesses in your community regarding Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November and ask them to display a purple ribbon and/or our downloadable infographic here.
  • Ask highly visible businesses, community gathering centers, to light up purple for November.
  • Ask local sports teams to wear purple for pancreatic cancer.
  • Change your social media profile to reflect Pancreatic Cancer Awareness.
  • Share information about Pancreatic Cancer at your local Dr.’s offices, gyms, or wherever you see flyers posted. (Click here to download flyer)
  • Post those purple pictures and use the hashtag #NPCF #Hope4PC.
  • Print this linked certificate to show your support.
  • Let us know if you or a group is wearing purple for Pancreatic Cancer so we can promote your support!

Become a Brand Ambassador