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Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Need someone to talk to about pancreatic cancer?

National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

We are here to provide unwavering support to
people affected by pancreatic cancer

Here you will find information about the support we provide directly to pancreatic cancer patients
and their caregivers.

Pancreatic Cancer
Advocacy Helpline

The NPCF Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Helpline provides information about hospitals and providers available in your area.
The journey to your treatment starts with getting contact information from your physician and their staff.
Your physician’s nurse is a powerful ally. They will understand how to connect you with Advocates, Navigators, and Social Workers.
These are the people that will have the most current and thorough understanding of what assistance programs are offered in your area.


We have a dedicated Chaplain that provides comfort, grief, and or spiritual/emotional support to those who need it.

Please contact Chaplain Michelle at (214) 405-7172 or email
[email protected]

Caregivers are also
welcome to call

Caring for people going through cancer therapy takes a team and we want to be on your team. Understanding how to navigate the diagnosis and what to do next can be difficult. We are here to provide unwavering support to you too.

Support NPCF

Every dollar donated will go to support our research, warriors, and our team. Your information will never be sold.

Essential Living
Expense Program

For patients undergoing financial hardships due to pancreatic cancer treatments.