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Our Warriors

These are stories of people bravely fighting against the odds after receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
Life is precious, it is worth fighting for, and we want to help patients fight for more time with loved ones.

Our Warrior Dawn

Dawn was recently nominated by her loving wife, Rebekah, who keeps Dawn’s memory and passion alive on a daily basis by supporting those fighting pancreatic cancer.
Rebekah writes, “My beautiful and passionate wife, Dawn Hill, was living a full, healthy, and adventurous life; one she described as PERFECT!
In August 2015, she had just ran a nationally acclaimed 10k trail run, hiked the Sugarloaf Mountains, kayaked the Gunpowder River, and taken a cruise to Bermuda & Bahamas!
On that cruise, she began to have excruciating stomach pains and upon returning home, was quickly diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (that had metastasized to her liver and stomach). She underwent intense clinical trial treatments at Johns Hopkins Hospital but devastatingly, she passed away on 12/20/2016, after her warrior-heart fought 16-month battle.
Dawn brought HOPE and INSPIRATION to many of her friends & family and even strangers who followed her story on Facebook through shared posts. Dawn was a TRUE WARRIOR who never gave up and ALWAYS remained positive and FIERCE in her fight!
I miss her desperately and cherish the amazing 17 years we shared together and the once in a lifetime love we shared, that so many dream of. Myself, along with friends and family, have established the Dawn Hill Fight Foundation, Inc. in my incredible wife’s honor, to continue her fight while raising awareness and funds for patients in need of financial assistance that are battling Pancreatic Cancer! No One Fights Alone! We Must Demand Better!”
Thank you, Rebekah, for sharing this inspiring story of love, hope, and strength.