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Our Warriors

These are stories of people bravely fighting against the odds after receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
Life is precious, it is worth fighting for, and we want to help patients fight for more time with loved ones.

Our Warrior Bruce

Bruce was recently nominated as a warrior by his daughter, Amy. Amy writes, “My dad was diagnosed in January 2015 and was given less than a year to live.
He had the Whipple procedure and underwent radiation and chemo, trying Folfirinox. By August 2015, his recent scans showed he was in remission which is usually unheard of with Pancreatic Cancer, so we threw him a surprise Celebration of Life party.”
Unfortunately, in November of 2016, his cancer had metastasized to his lungs. But this did not stop Bruce. “My dad just completed his 34th round of chemo and the cancer is now considered stable”, says Amy.
Her father sets small goals for himself, such as watching his grandson, Tyler, play Varsity football on Friday nights and attending his other grandkids’ activities.
He is a proud grandfather to Tyler, Ethan, Malena, Chase, Cade, and Alexis. Amy shares, “We have had many setbacks and have been close to losing him but my dad is a fighter.”
Bruce was in the Navy for 4 years and is a Vietnam veteran. He is proud to have served his country and his granddaughter, Alexis, is following in his footsteps and he could not be more proud.
Bruce’s advice to others fighting pancreatic cancer is, “Have a good caregiver and support system, Make sure you have a positive attitude, having a positive attitude is key. Set goals; when you reach one goal, set a new one to reach that goal.”
Amy states: “My dad truly believes having a support system and positive attitude is what has kept him alive.”