Ways to Donate

Donations can also be mailed to our corporate office:


P.O. Box 1848

Longmont, CO 80502


To create a page to raise funds in memory of a family member or friend, or to create an event page to raise funds for NPCF, please click on the start fundraising button below.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy for a Loved One

Bequests by Will

There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy that will honor you, your loved one or a special friend. One of those is a Bequest through your Will. Many of us have lost a loved one or close friend to Pancreatic Cancer. Often we wonder what could I do to continue their memory in the hearts of others for my spouse, family member or long time friend. One of the simplest planned gifts is a bequest through your Will in which you designate either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate after other disbursements. In addition, to supporting the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation through an ongoing annual gift or memorial, it serves as an example to your heirs and friends the values and ideals you hold dear. A bequest can also reduce the amount of your taxable estate, which may increase the actual amount available to loved ones.

For further information on other estate planning programs, sample language on how to make a Bequest through your Will, please e-mail us at info@npcf.us for a confidential estate planning review or give us a call at 800-859-NPCF (6723).