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What is PEMF Therapy?

What is PEMF Therapy?

National Pancreatic

Cancer Foundation

This year, an estimated 62,210 adults (32,970 men and 29,240 women) in the United States will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.*

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF, is a revolutionary wellness modality that utilizes soothing Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to stimulate and exercise the body’s cells. PEMF is trusted worldwide to support the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities.

The earth emits a pulsing electromagnetic field at 7.8 hertz. This natural energy field, combined with around 8 million global lightning strikes per day, allows our planet to sustain life. Much like the earth, our bodies are electromagnetic; our brains use electromagnetic signals to communicate with every bodily system. Science has proven that if our cells have enough electrical charge, the body will heal itself!

PEMF is a holistic supplement that infuses the body with natural energy at the cellular level. The body may use that energy to:

  • heal and regenerate itself
  • enhance its natural recovery process
  • assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise
  • increase energy or support relaxation
  • balance the body’s interconnected systems

Research on PEMF is ever-expanding because each body responds uniquely based on its needs.

What Causes Dis-ease?

Dr. Jerry Tennant states:

“Chronic disease and loss of well-being is defined by a low electrical charge. With enough voltage and raw materials, the body can heal almost anything”, Jerry Tennant, MD, Healing is Voltage.

“The cells in the body are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. In order to heal, we must achieve -50 millivolts. We experience chronic illness when voltage drops below -20 millivolts. Once our cells’ voltage drops below that level, they are unable to heal. They become dysfunctional. “

How Does PEMF Work?

According to the Pulse Center Website: “We can think of PEMF as a battery charger for our cells. One of the biggest barriers to a person’s healing is good cellular health! You are only as healthy as your cells.”

By introducing a mild electrical magnetic current into damaged cells, PEMF therapy slows or stops the release of pain and inflammation. PEMF increases the blood flow of the cells. This re-establishes normal cell interaction.

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What are the Benefits of PEMF?

With reduced inflammation, pain decreases, energy increases, and faster tissue healing occur.” PEMF is not intended to treat a specific condition. Electromagnetic therapy is more of an optimizer for the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulation functions. There are over 2,000 medical studies that evaluate the effects of PEMF. These studies range from Arthritis, Cell Regeneration, Circulation, Skin Would healing, and pain.

Our PEMF Therapy Experience.

I was very curious after learning about PEMF therapy. Due to my curiosity, I volunteered my husband for a session from our local PULSE FOR HEALTH, PEMF therapy provider. His response was 100% positive. He said it felt unusual but very relaxing. As a result, his sinuses felt more open after his session. My husband enjoyed it enough to set up a follow-up appointment for two days later. I decided to schedule a session for myself after hearing his review.

When I arrived for my first session, Sean discussed what he would be doing, how it would feel, possible side effects, etc. I then laid on what looked like a massage table at a slight incline. As he turned up the frequency, my muscles began to contract. I felt muscles react in different parts of my body. The reaction started with my shoulders and then radiated down into my lower back and hips.

We played with the frequency and the pulse speed, adjusting it. We were trying to pinpoint previous areas of pain for therapy. These locations were chosen due to side effects from sitting too often or childbirth. To sum up my experience: Wow! It was bizarre in the most positive way possible. The experience was almost indescribable. I felt recharged as if I had napped for a long time. The therapy left me in a state of extreme relaxation.

My Thoughts About Why PEMF Works.

Personally, I think the science behind the PEMF therapy just makes sense. Our cells communicate with electricity. Think about how our cells break down over time. It is logical to imagine that they are losing energy and that re-charging our cells can create healing.

This video sheds some more light on PEMF and how it can potentially impact cancer:

Like most therapies, it takes more than one session to feel lasting effects. I felt great after just one therapy session, however, this is something that should be ongoing for maximum benefit.

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