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Our Warriors

These are stories of people bravely fighting against the odds after receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
Life is precious, it is worth fighting for, and we want to help patients fight for more time with loved ones.

Our Warrior Preston

Preston Thompson,
His legacy will live on through the guitars … but he will be remembered for his courage, tenacity, and generous nature.
Preston Thompson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2018. He was told by his doctors at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland that he was a candidate for the Whipple Surgery. It did not go well. He remained in the hospital for 8 months and then into a Hospice facility where he died on April 11th, 2019.
Preston was always positive and brave, as were his friends and especially his family. He was well-loved.
Preston, with his wife Julie and daughter Piper, lived in Bend, Central Oregon. Preston loved the outdoors and enjoyed kayaking the High Lakes with his Julie. He enjoyed seeing live music and spending time visiting with his daughter Piper in Portland.
Preston was the founder of Thompson Guitars, a small acoustic guitar company in Sisters Oregon. He wanted very much to get back to the shop and work with his amazing crew creating these incredible instruments.
Preston never complained about his illness and was determined to live and do the best he could with the strength he had. Although there were many setbacks, we all remained positive and hopeful. During his months in the hospital and hospice, he had many visitors, guitar players, professional and amateur, many old friends, and newer ones as well. They came to keep his spirits high and show their love.
Preston’s legacy will live on through the guitars but he will be remembered for his courage, tenacity, and generous nature.
Thompson Guitars is partnering with NPCF and donating a portion of the proceeds from a Masterpiece Series sold in memory of Preston to bring awareness, support, and research to pancreatic cancer.
Preston was loved dearly by his family, friends, and the music community. To learn more about Preston’s legacy click the link below.
Thompson – Preston Thompson Guitars