What You Can Do to Help

Want to volunteer – we are a place that you are needed and appreciated for the smallest things.

What can you do to help!

There are many things that are  important to a family and patient that no matter how inconsequential the task seems. Volunteers are continuously needed for tasks big and small.

Below are some of the areas where volunteers are needed:

  • Patient Advocate
  • Provide Educational Awareness Programs to communities
  • Help Secure Financial Resources
  • Become a Leadership Council Member
  • Program Organizer
  • Local Volunteer Coordinator
  • Research information for patients
  • Counselor/ Pastoral Care
  • Care Giver Relief
  • Pet Therapy volunteer
  • Volunteer for support services for daily needs such as, transportation driver, errands.
  • Or just be a friend and read to a patient.

These are just a few of the needs.