Donations in Honor of those fighting PC

In Honor of Laura, Melanie, Mathew & Eleanor Johnson

Robert Johnson

In Honor of Sherry, Joey, Emma, Charlie & Maria Claire

Mrs. Maria Hamilton

In honor of Lisa Parisi

Grace Marie Parisi

John & Therea Traina

Love Gift in Honor of Sharon T.

Don & Kitty Vaxelaire

In Honor of  Grammy Leslie and The Klawinskis
Christmas 2015

Dara Leslie

In Honor of Lori Richards

Robin Burns

In Honor of Nancy Hoffman

Jill Hoffman

In Honor of Kim Inman

Angela M. Marler

In Honor of Tammy Brdlik Chada

Mr. & Mrs. Sturms

In Honor of the Quinn Family, especially Pattie

The Coaching Corps Los Angeles Office

In Honor of Wanda Nail

The Heartland Sisters on the Fly

In Honor of Anna McKenna

Beau Monde Hair Design

In Honor of Joey Diebold and Luke Walker

Lori Pickrell

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Denaro wedding Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Blumenau

In honor of Jordan Braunschweiger

Katie Wood

In honor of Jennifer Darcangelo and Mike Gurich

Bryan Eells

Amy Marhoefer

In honor of Robin Shartzer

Joseph Johnson

In honor of Coach Sandra Thornton and Dr. Cy Cantrell who positively impacted the lives of many, including the special SRK.

Courtney Brecheen

In honor of Nicole Bailey

Miami East Softball Team

In honor of Larry Miller

Jay & Elaine Turner

In honor of Martha Scotto

Charles Pisano Jr

In honer of Jeannette Conderino who is fighting a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Love, Jeanie, Kevin, Skylar, Sierra, and Sophia

In honor of Mrs. Taliani

Lisa Weaver

In honor of Sam Salaices & Mabel Thompson Ledyard

Judy Ledyard & Allan Beunconsejo

In honor of Alex Landy’s 12th birthday

Your friend, Jonah Sunshine

Nancy Freitag

Scott Kleinschmidt

In honor of Margaret Balajadia on her 60th birthday, Margaret has been fighting this battle for over a year and continues to fight. Donations were made in honor of her birthday this year!

Abraham & Kristen Appert

Luke & Jessica Appert

Linda & David Krogstad

Michael & Colleen McCormick

Jane Zbylicki

Andrea Pickenpack

Louis & Margaret Balajadia

Elizabeth Schaefer

In honor of my mother, Susan Wolling who is graciously fighting this battle to live to see her oldest granddaughter graduate high school in 2016

Amy Moss

In honor of Patricia Vick, Elizabeth Sloan’s mother

Krista Ariail

In honor of Albert Spickard, who is faithfully fighting this disease in Cincinnati

Laura Baverman

Lester Zuris, Joan Coviello, Ben Gazzara & Patrick Swayze

New Millennium Theatre Company

Stephen Fisenne

Heidi Griswold

Dr. Bruce Hopen

Theresa Dawson

Dianna Stark

Robert Bullock

Annette Posner

William Leboe

Kathy & Steve Rochinski

Carol Rochinski

Diane Terni

Who continues to fight this disease everyday ~ Frank Gavel

Bruce Hopen

He was diagnosed over 10 years ago and is doing well. Love you! Julie Gabet

Jania Maxine Howard

James Rigsby

Wilbur Lanese

Amy Groner

Gift in honor of Audrey Montalto

A Time for Hope – Steve Sarovich

Carl Moser

Alan Zimmerman

Virginia Villamor

Michael D’Angelo

Mrs. Pederson

Timothy J. Supko, CDR USN (Ret) ’74

Gregory Stachelczyk

Terry Cooper

Socorro Catalan

Carol Wright

IHGC Operators Inc

Alana & Guy Wright

Lynnette Forman

Cynthia Livingston

Kelly Seehausen

In honor of Pat and Chris Ryan in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary

Mary J Dedrick

In honor of Cathy Herold

Cattail Creek Country Club


John & Pamela Smith

Nancy & Joel Kaufman

Jaqueline & Steven Breeden

Amy Caro

Timothy & Lisa Reid

Kellie Ann Keehn

Gail Siegel

Carole & Clifton White

Judith Partlow

Michael & Shannon Shapiro

Jeffrey Herold

Robert & Heather Smyth