Our Staff

Meet the folks at the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation


Rhonda Hatfield, Founder and National Director

Rhonda possesses several years of nonprofit, and management experience. Rhonda has an Associates Degree in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources. Rhonda’s passion for assisting those with pancreatic cancer comes from losing a family member to this disease in January of 2010, after a 5 year battle. Rhonda’s goal within the organization is to provide personal and compassionate support to those who are afflicted and affected by pancreatic cancer through our core programs.

Rhonda@npcf.us or 800.859.6723


Cindi Peterson, Director of Operations

Cindi has 30 years of management experience in the public sector working in the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the US Department of Agriculture.  She has a BS in Computer Resource Management and is a PMI Certified Project Management Professional.

Cindi is devoting her skills and experiences to timely and compassionate assistance for those dealing with profound health-related struggles and their loved ones.

Cindi@npcf.us or 800.859.6723


Adam Hatfield, Director of Philanthropy

Adam’s passion is to serve those afflicted with pancreatic cancer, to reaffirm they’re not alone in this fight through the programs NPCF offers. Adam’s mom passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010 after a 5-year battle, influencing the start of NPCF.  Adam Hatfield, a nationally-recognized leader in philanthropy and development, Adam has the opportunity of cultivating long-term relationships with patients, families, constituents, foundations, and corporations that have the same dedication to fighting this disease. Adam embraces the core values of love, integrity, innovation, and growth. Adam’s experience ranges from major gifts, program development, planned giving, grant writing, grass-roots fundraising and patient advocacy.

Adam@npcf.us or 800.859.6723


Opal Hatfield, Equine Program Director

Opal moved from Casper Wyoming to Colorado at the age of 4.  Since she was a young girl she has always had a passion for horses.  Every year for her birthday Opal would ask her parents if she could have a horse.  After much persistence Opal finally received her wish and was given her first horse at the age of 10.  As she grew to become an adult she discovered she had yet another passion in her heart.  This passion was for helping others and serving her community.  At the age of 26, Opal decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life helping those in need in anyway that she could.  Not sure of what direction to take this passion and where to begin her life long dream she found her way to the non-profit world. 

Falling deeply in love with work of the nonprofit industry, the honest relationships one can find and build, along with the call of duty this industry represents, Opal knew this was her place.  She is now honored and grateful to blend and intertwine her two passions together for her life’s work.  Opal loves to lead, teach, train and serve.  She values hard work, honesty, integrity and gaining of knowledge.  She admires those who take courage to move forth through tough circumstances.  Opal believes that no matter what it might be we all need help and were not put on this earth to move through it alone.  Some of Opal‘s strongest qualities are her love for people, her drive to be the best version of herself, and her dedication to changing the world one person at a time.  “When a person permits us to have a glimpse into their world, we are given the greatest gift: the gift of trust.” (Charisse Rudolf)

Opal@npcf.us or 800.859.6723


Tammy Jones, Director of Fundraising

Tammy has been a business owner and entrepreneur for the past 25 years. She has a background in real estate, management, marketing and massage therapy. Tammy has a personal understanding how illness can devastate a family and the challenges they experience. She is looking forward to putting her skills to work in support of people affected by pancreatic cancer through education, awareness and the creation of economic opportunities and resources for people and families affected by this devastating disease. Tammy enjoys challenging herself and is in constant pursuit of broadening her perspective and finding opportunities for creative growth and contribution.

Tammy@npcf.us or 800.859.6723


Board of Directors

Karli Hansen, Board Treasurer

is a graduate of Colorado State University, with a Bachelor of the Arts in English Writing, as well as a minor in Sociology. Her passion is to better the lives of those affected by and afflicted with Pancreatic Cancer by adding a reminder everyday to continue being Courageous and Hopeful in their family/friends battle with cancer. Karli received an MS in Education from Indiana University in 2016.

Karli@npcf.us or 800.859.6723