“Rouhi is the Arabic word for “my soul”. At Rouhi, we believe music has healing powers and using music to make a difference around us is our primary goal. We focus on raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer – a brutal disease with less than 3% survival rate and yet, it continues to remain widely under funded. This prevents many scientists from pursuing pancreatic cancer research. Pancreatic cancer can affect anyone – race, ethnicity, gender, or religion don’t matter – and therefore, our music is also not limited to one particular genre, language, or culture. Our second goal is to collaborate with talented artists to create quality music that will “touch the soul“ and enable one to cherish every living moment – that‘s as precious as every breath of life. Together we shall try our best to fill people’s lives with hope, strength and joy through something we all share in common – music. Regardless of what the future holds, the very first step is to raise enough funds to support researchers and keep up-to-date information on pancreatic cancer research. Regular visitors can go to our website to gain updates on pancreatic cancer research progress, treatment innovations, contribute ideas, or to simply listen to some relaxing music. We aim to make Rouhi a better experience for everyone. As a musical group, we want to let everyone know that there is someone out there who cares and will help in whatever way we can. I am proud to partner up with the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and announce that all proceeds from the sales of our music will go directly towards funding for pancreatic cancer research. I realize we are only starting out as a small group, however, YOU have the power to help! People are encouraged to share stories of people who have had family members or friends who have battled/are battling pancreatic cancer. Students and research enthusiasts can brainstorm/share ideas in the research arena. By sharing thoughts we can work together towards a unified goal. All stories will be published on Rouhi’s website. Rouhi will also create special music pieces for these special individuals. This way, every pancreatic cancer patient will be remembered in a special way. Thank you for your time and patience. Incase you have been wondering who I am…I am a daughter, a student, a parent/sister to my autistic brother, and a musician. I lost my mother due to this brutal illness in 2009. The only thing that gave my mother energy to battle pancreatic cancer for as long as she could was….music.”