NPCF Support Group Pilot Program

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has developed four Core Programs that provide “Hope, Courage and Faith” to those it serves. Through these programs we hope to provide a better quality of life to those afflicted or affected by this disease. Even though there is no known cure there is still Hope for those that have been diagnosed.

NPCF’s Support Group Pilot Program is a powerful venue for growth and change. Not only do those afflicted or affected by Pancreatic Cancer receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints on those issues. NPCF is convinced that the Support Group Pilot Program is one of the most effective tools for addressing issues common with Pancreatic Cancer.

This insight oriented group provides a safe environment for exploring causes, treatment suggestions, referrals,  and interpersonal issues in areas such as trust, anger, bereavement, taking risks, and dealing with this devastating disease. People are able to feel more comfortable voicing their fears and doubts at the same time benefiting immensely from the views and life experiences of others.

The advantages of NPCF’s Support Group sessions are that they result in interaction and social contact which cannot be found with basic forms of therapy.  This makes it an effective platform which can be employed for reaching out to children and young adults. Older people, as well, can often experience a greater degree of comfort ability and a sense of belonging when experiencing support in the presence and with the support of others facing identical issues with Pancreatic Cancer.

NPCF has created a Yahoo Group for those who are seeking support from others who are also afflicted and affected by pancreatic cancer. This group is open to patients, family & friends. Please click on the Join Now button below to be directed to our new Yahoo Group!