In October of 2013 a job that I had dedicated 33 years to was eliminated. Looking on the positive side, I chose to draw my unemployment and begin searching for a new line of work. Looking forward to more time at home with my husband (he had been disabled from a back injury since 2001); I enjoyed the time and leisurely looked for employment.

In June 2014, the week I drew my last unemployment check, my husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Our lives turned upside down with hospital stays, CT scans, stents, chemo and radiation. Yet the bills still came. Being his only care taker, I could not actively seek work. Treatments and doctors’ appointments were weekly as well as being over an hour away from our home.

NPCF has been there for us on this journey. They may be states away, but their support has been appreciated more than they will ever know. Utility bills paid during a time when we had limited funds, helped to keep us focused on my husband’s battle. Peace of mind cannot be described.

After chemo and radiation, my husband had Wipple surgery in January 2015. He’s still recovering, yet as of now he’s NED!!!!! I hope to actively seek employment soon and our lives are adjusting to our new normal. We have truly been blessed.

Someday, I hope to pay it forward and support this organization, with money as well as time. We will never forget how we were helped and forever will be grateful. May God bless the people who work for NPCF and all they do for Pancreatic Cancer patients and family.

Since April of 2012, I have been fighting pancreatic cancer. Before finding out about my diagnosis, life was about as normal as everyone else’s life, I had a car payment, credit card payments, a mortgage, etc. It was hard to have my income slashed 60% on disability and still maintain my same lifestyle. Because when your mind and body are trying to cope with this disease, the added strain of bills that are due does not give you much peace of mind, which is quite important for you body to be able to try and overcome this diagnosis.

My wife has had to be at my side as there are times when I can not be by myself. I also am diabetic and have a heart problem. Together we are fighting and I want to thank the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation for their ongoing financial help as we would not be able to continue living as we are if this foundation was not there to help in our time of need.

If I can survive my cancer, I would like to give back to the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation so that someone who is in my position would benefit from their generosity. Please Pray for us.


To all the wonderful people at the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation,

I wish to express my gratitude to you all for your generosity over the past few months. It has certainly touched my heart and made a real difference to me and my family. It is so nice to witness how truly good and wonderful people can be, like you all, in a wold that seems so harsh at times. My husband of twenty-five years, my best friend, has now gone to be with the Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don’t know what I am going to do without him. I remain so thankful that I share life and a marriage with him, that exceeded all of my hopes and dreams. Now I feel lost in the world. Seeking direction from God Almighty. My family and friends have stepped up to the plate with their love and support. I am truly bless although my heart is shattered forever.

I realize you too have felt the pain that cancer leaves behind. A pain that continues to strike a new victim each day, unfortunately. It is hard to put into words so many emotions and such loss. My husband was such a wonderful man, with so much to offer. He touched many lives and was most generous. He went to the ER one day and was gone three months later. Only 44 year old, and otherwise very healthy. I struggle in every area of my life now. But at least financially, the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has helped me tremendously. Your extreme generosity seemed to come straight from heaven. You assisted me in paying for my telephone, as well as buying food during the holidays especially. Thre does not seem to be much aid available these days so I was thrilled to learn all about your foundation, and all you do to fight pancreatic cancer. It is a painful aggressive and ugly cancer that didn’t offer us any hope. But thanks to you and the entire foundation at least financially we were blessed beyond imagination. Thank you all so very much! My entire family remains humble, and appreciative for all your help. Truly you have made a difference in our lives and I’ll never forget. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.


Dear NPCF,

Once again, it is such a relief to have your financial help.

I would like you to know I am one of the fortunate ones whose cancer was found at only stage 2. Having had Whipple surgery and now chemotherapy, my prognosis is 60-70% survival. I am blessed indeed.

I come from a simple, hard working, blue collar background and at 51 years old my earning power has been put on hold. While I qualified for disability right away, there is a 5 month waiting period before they begin to pay a monthly benefit. With no money coming in for over 6 months and high medical deductibles, my savings went faster than I could imagine. It looked as though everything I had worked so hard for was going to slip through my hands. Thanks to NPCF assistance, a great load has been taken off my shoulders again this month.

Thank you so much.

Dear Rhonda and the members of the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation,

Howard and I want to express our gratitude to you for the financial assistance you provided for us. It meant so much to both of us. It has been a long and difficult year for Howard as he battled his cancer and your more than generous help came at the right time. Howard and I feel blessed that he has been able to survive one of the most deadliest forms of cancer.

He did find out that he is now finished with his chemo treatments and can now concentrate on getting well. However his still has a way to go yet. Recently he had a CT scan that showed a lesion on his liver. So we now have to wait for the results of a liver biopsy to find out what his next treatment will be. Hopefully all will be well and Howard can concentrate on being in remission.

It is because of the NPCF that we had relief from financial burdens even if only for a little while.

Someday I wish to be able to pay it forward and give back to you so that you can continue to assist others as you have helped us. You and your foundation are a God sent.

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for Howard and I.